Vinoř – School Kitchen Remodelling

  • Date: 2014
  • Location: Prachovická street, Vinoř, Prague
  • Client: municipality
  • Detail: total area of 140 m2
  • Phase: completed in 2014

Vinoř is a fast growing city district of Prague. The increased population has resulted in an increased capacity in the preschool and primary school and an increased capacity requirement in the main school canteen kitchen. By the beginning of 2013 it had become clear that the situation was no longer possible. The school expected an increase in pupils at all primary school levels and in children at preschool. Thus a radical remodelling of the school kitchen was necessary. The meetings with the school and municipality management revealed that the main problem does not consist in the absence of new gastro-technology, but in the small space available for the actual kitchen and horrible facilities for the main players, the brave cooks, who are able to prepare a meal even within the limited space given which must also meet various strict nutritional standards. An absolutely unsatisfactory layout of the operations and spaces, spread over two storeys, offered opportunities to significantly enlarge the space for preparation of food, both in the actual kitchen as well as the storage and hygienic facilities. The effort to improve the internal environment in the kitchen concerned the last but not least and equally important factor and it resulted in installing efficient exhaust ventilation equipment. A lot of thank yous go to the municipality for having the courage and providing enough finances to go ahead with this project that had been postponed so many times before.