Vinoř – New Playground

  • Date: 2014
  • Location: V Podskalí street
  • Client: Vinoř
  • Phase: completion of the 1st stage, preparation for the 2nd stage

As a result of the previously mentioned increase in population in this city district, a need for some infrastructure for children arose along with the expansion of the school premises. There was a requirement to revitalize various recesses for the needs of children and their parents and their conversion into outdoor play areas. A more significant feat concerned the revitalization of the V Podskalí locality, converting it into a playground. At this time the first phase was completed, including new access roads to the area and a full-scale conversion of overgrown greenery into good-looking high and low greenery. This phase also included the laying of new asphalt to satisfy the needs of children with various bikes and trikes and in-line skates. Simultaneously, several jungle-gym elements for younger as well as older children and massage and locomotive elements for their sitters, i.e. parents and mainly grandparents were placed. At the moment, more jungle-gym elements are being planned to be placed in the other part of the area.