Vinoř – 4 Primary School Core Classrooms Situated in the Attic of the Main Building

  • Date: 2013
  • Location: Prachovická street, Vinoř, Prague
  • Client: municipality
  • Detail: total area of 500 m2
  • Phase: completed in 2013

During 2012 the Prague - Vinoř city district board adopted a resolution to add 4 core classrooms for the needs of the primary school. The problem was to find a suitable space to accommodate 4 core classrooms + adjacent facilities. In the end, the absolute outsider at the very start proved to be the right choice. It concerned the attic of the original historical building dating back to the 1930s, i.e. the main primary school building that is an outstanding dominating feature of Vinoř. Other spaces could have been more suitable in terms of the structure but the resulting communication issues would completely set off the original intent. The idea behind the intent was to better connect the different levels of the primary school with an emphasis placed on separating children of different age groups. In the end the structural problems that had been expected were found not to be as significant. The advantage lied in a sufficiently bearing ceiling structure of the attic space and thus the new truss structure played the main role, with a newly embedded longitudinal dormer. The insides of the dormer provide the space for 4 new primary school classrooms and one office for the teachers. There are restrooms and bathrooms for pupils + other technical facilities situated in the remaining area of the attic. The new dormer embedded into the original shape of the roof has thus become a new significant element of the main building without disturbing the original look.