Residential Premises Za panskou stodolou - 3rd stage

  • Date: 2010-2012
  • Location: Prague
  • Client: EXPOINVEST ČAKOVICE s.r.o.
  • Detail: 2 block of flats (a total of 32 flats)
  • Stages: beginning of construction – September 2014, occupancy permit expected – November 2015

In September 2014 the third stage of the residential complex was initiated - buildings C and D. This project will be the conclusion of an almost ten-year effort. Buildings C and D are very similar to buildings A and B completed in January 2015 in terms of their structure, design and layout. Nevertheless, over the respective period of time the housing market has experienced changes requiring adapting the typology of both buildings. Structurally, the buildings are once again designed as a walled system, in combination with prefab and monolithic structures. Both buildings are larger than the first stage buildings. While the first stage design had accommodated a mixture of flats of various categories, in this stage the decision was made to include more 2+kitchen corner and 3+kitchen corner flats. As far as the actual design is concerned, it is again a very plastic game with volumes and materials. It is expected to obtain the occupancy permit in November 2015. At present, all 32 flat units are slowly being offered to the market, with some of them having already been reserved.