Residential Premises Za panskou stodolou - 1st stage, 2nd stage

  • Date: 2010-2012
  • Location: Praha
  • Client: EXPOINVEST ČAKOVICE s.r.o.
  • Detail: 2 blocks of flats (a total of 24 sold flats), 17 sold plots for detached houses
  • Phase: First stage completed in 2011, second stage completed in 2013

Residential complex in Čakovice, Prague. The complex consists of 4 blocks of flats and 17 individual plots for individual construction with all newly provided utilities. The construction of the first stage of the 4 blocks of flats in Prague - Míškovice was concluded in 2011 by completing and handing over the transport and technical infrastructure. The first stage included the construction of all utility hook-ups for 4 blocks of flats and all utility hook-ups for 17 plots for single-family houses. At the same time, it was necessary to relocate sewers, the water main and street lighting. In addition, this stage also included the construction of a connecting road and pavements, landscaping and erection of several retaining walls. In January 2013, the second stage was completed, consisting of two blocks of flats (buildings A and B) with a total number of 24 flats. In order to obtain the maximum possible selling capacity of floor areas we used special walling materials not requiring a thick structure and enabling sophisticated wiring and piping without the necessity to have a service core in each flat. Each flat has a balcony or terrace, designed with the effort to ensure necessary privacy within the given restraints of the site. As far as architecture is concerned, we wanted to (and also had to) design the houses as economically as possible and thus we tried to adopt a more plastic approach and utilize volume. Within 3 months of the occupancy permit having been issued, all 24 flat units were sold.