Kozojedy Row Houses

  • Date: 2007-2012
  • Location: Kozojeby
  • Client: Association of individual contractors
  • Detail: Total area of 1,800m2
  • Phase: Under construction

Nine newly built terraced houses in Kozojedy u Prahy started to be built in 2007 and has been in progress since. To unify 9 individual extreme opinions about the look of the houses and their standards (each contractor with a different clear opinion) was not easy; out of the original group of contractors only less than half sustained the entire process. In the end we managed to prepare a compromise and by majority accepted the design of the houses, which were built individually by the contractors (except for the shells of the houses). Unfortunately, not always was it possible to persuade all contractors not to improve the uniform look of the houses by spontaneous individual design and structural creations (the design ones are kind of OK, the structural ones are worse). Each terraced house consists of 5 large rooms. On the ground floor there is a living area + guest room, on the first floor, being an attic at the same time, there are bedrooms. The garage for a car is situated where the plot neighbours with the public pavement. The walls are made of Porotherm P+D ceramic blocks. The ceilings are ceramic. The trusses are made of wood. The project includes plastic windows and a glass wall is intended to face the garden. The roof is designed as a false roof type. Fired ceramic tiles are used as a roofing material. The houses do not have a cellar.