ABREX Toy Factory

  • Date: 2009-2010
  • Location: Prague
  • Client: ABREX
  • Detail: Total area of 3,000m2
  • Phase: The construction started in 11/2011

Reconstruction and addition to a former agricultural complex and its overall conversion to a storage and production facility in Divišov u Benešova. The construction was co-funded by EU funds. Abrex s.r.o. specializes in the production of model cars, specifically the company owns the exclusive licence for all Škoda Mladá Boleslav car models. The new function of the entire facility is mainly for storage + partially for production. The administrative building, including a flat in the attic, forms an integral part. The complex consists of reconstructed walled buildings as well as buildings with the original wooden shell. All original buildings were insulated, underwent overall maintenance, water insulating measures, etc. The new buildings are made of Ytong blocks with ceilings made of Spirol prefab panels. Trusses are wooden and flat roofs serve as residential terraces with a walk-on surface made of stone tiles on support pieces. The bearing structure of the warehouse is made of racking of thin-wall profiles. These shelves are connected into storage rows, crosswise and lengthwise reinforced, again with thin-wall profiles. There is no foundation under this building; there is a steel-fibre reinforced concrete floor slab, sitting on bearing gravel layers of various fractions. Outside areas are made of asphalt, strong enough to handle the heaviest multi-axle vehicles.