Slivenec Courtyard

  • Date: 2005-2006
  • Location: Prague - Slivenec
  • Client: MCA
  • Detail: Interior area of more than 6,500m2
  • Phase: Study

The assignment given by MCA was clear: to convert the devastated premises of a former agricultural complex in the centre of the municipality into a multifunctional municipal centre offering a wide range of services, various and affordable flats and a pleasant interior environment for families with children. To fulfil the vision was challenging, especially due to the different ideas of the stakeholders (primarily the municipality) what to do with the place. In the end, we managed to streamline the contradicting requirements into one functional organism. A hotel with a deep courtyard, freely accessible from the street, faces the street, with shops on both sides. At the back there is a residential part, situated around the interior courtyard with a playground and relaxation equipment. For mothers with children it was important that the central area for children was easily visible and accessible from all flats. The architectonic complex consists of three main buildings, simply called A, B and C, whereas B and C are blocks of flats and A is a wellness hotel. The basic idea behind the design was to create a new living area situated over the former outbuilding, respecting the layout of the original buildings. The absolute height of the highest roof ridges of the existing buildings was a must and the layout respects the original footprint of the buildings as much as possible. The precise planimetric figures of the existing situation were obtained through site surveying. In addition, the requirement for shapes of the buildings with saddle roofs, while reflecting a contemporary design, was fully respected. .