Luxury Residential in Prague 6

  • Date: 2008-2012
  • Location: Pod hájovnou Street, Prague 6 - Nebušice
  • Client: Archide CZ s.r.o. a Hájovna s.r.o.
  • Detail: Area of 1,500m2
  • Phase: Project for zoning permit, preparation of building permit documentation

Our own developing project in an attractive location - Prague 6, directly neighbouring the extensive woods of the Divoká Šárka Natural Preserve. Our inspiration was based on contemporary Swiss residential design and thus the design of both condominiums is embraced as a modern urban villa, which easily and self-consciously, but sensitively fits the surrounding detached houses. The concept covers two three-storey condominiums, each with 8 flats, connected with a joint communication bridge and underground parking. The layout of the flats was designed as if we would like it ourselves - flexible (flats may be joined, the internal layout is very variable) and open with a large living area and adjacent spacious terrace, fireplace, large bathrooms and walk-in closets. The contemporary design style requires large glassed-in areas, preferably without frames - and that is how we designed them. The windows offer a luxurious view primarily to the mixed bushy forest park of Divoká Šárka, located directly on the opposite side of the street. If a view into the greenery is relaxing, then in this case it is true more than twice.