• Date: 2009-2010
  • Location: Sokolovská Street, Prague 8 - Karlín
  • Client: Ablon Group
  • Detail: Area of 3,500m2
  • Phase: Project for zoning permit

Proposal of a newly built administration building on the corner vacant lot, at the intersection of Sokolovská and Thámova streets. At the site of the original building which was damaged and demolished after floods in 2002, a new building will be built, enclosing the busy corner at the Křižíkova underground station. The prime location itself determined the design of the building – simple and clear but a significant and contemporary architectonic expression of a glass facade complemented with contrast colour panels, enclosed with an optically overhanging sloped roof made of titanium zinc with accented curving. The building will form a part of an administrative complex, built on the site of a former chocolate factory; it currently includes 2 functional buildings with a total floor area of 13,000m2 of office and business areas.