• Date: 2005-2007 (project)
  • Location: 5. května Street, Prague 4
  • Client: Ablon Group
  • Detail: Area of 8,000m2
  • Phase: Preparation for construction

The proposal of a newly built office building on the vacant lot on 5. května street represents our vision of a modern multifunctional building situated at a busy location on the main access road to the Prague city centre from the D1 highway. The design was drafted in 2005 and the project for construction in 2007, but the economic conditions in the market, unfortunately, postponed the actual construction by several years. The main facade of the building was designed using Alucobond composite panels of a silver colour, arranged in "random patterns"; at the time the design was made this was considered a not generally used or popular architectonic tool. Vertical window rabbets of unequal width and shape optically break up the 80x20 meter facade and guarantee that the look of the building is different from practically each place and angle. The design harbours a number of technical finesses imposed by the local conditions (entry and exit for cars from the building and the connection to the city circle, internal layout of the building, prevention against access of unauthorized personnel, etc.). The last floor is recessed with a wide terrace around a glassed-in facade and provides a beautiful view towards the Prague Castle.