• Date: 06/2012
  • Location: Kolbenova 159, Vysočany Prague 9
  • Client: Ablon Group
  • Detail: Total area of 55,600m2, interior areas of 89,000m2
  • Phase: Zoning permit

The Kolben Business Park is a "brownfield site" project - new construction at the site of a former industrial zone. At the site of the original factory of ČKD Elektrotechnika, situated close to Kolbenova street, between the Kolbenova and Vysočanská underground stations, that used to be a manufacturing site of heavy electrotechnical equipment and machinery for about 100 years, a new "city within a city" will be born with a total area of more than 5 hectares - a brand new zone including flats, offices, businesses and underground parking. An extensive cultivated and stylish inner park area will benefit the comfort of not only the local inhabitants but also company employees. Very complicated administrative (the project has been under design since 2001, originally by Artchitekti 4A and since 2007 by our company, Archide CZ s.r.o.) and local conditions, including significantly contaminated soil, underground utilities, technologies, etc. make the entire project to be very complicated in terms of architecture, management and implementation. The total area (5.5 hectares and more than 89,000m2 of interior area) will cover 13 separate but functionally interlinked buildings, construction of which will be done in several phases.